The worst in T.V

Maybe its guilt of the publicists, but isn"t of all they....its only about a thing of a "wrong think" cuz the commercials, what all the t.v shows use to make a stop in their conversation or anything foolish what they are doing, our t,v in general its falling to good at bad, perhaps....worst what that shit of "realyties" I think what the world would be better without that and not with :murders, tortures, sex, violence...and the worst.....lies.
Dont forget, Teleton starts in 3 days (start in friday and finish the saturday)and dont forget too what the monday,3,2007 , starts a new section, I"ll hope what the section it like much, the clue is about cinema.....but perhaps the date of the beggining of the section it will be start before....I dont know, will be good!!!!!!!!!